Habitare Central Shank Stairs

Functionality and Design. A light steel structure, shaped as necessary, and ready to go! … The steps can be wood or metal, offering two very different results to different people!
For best performance of the stair, this is just adapted to our space in the building site, being essential supplies unpainted and allowing us to decide the ending of our environment when the stair is already in situ.

Spiral staircase

Spiral staircase

Ideal in confined spaces, with the advantages of a mechanical assembly system without sacrificing uniqueness. Stairs HABITARE


Stairs functional and aesthetic dimension designed for the needs of a home. Stairs Design

Stairs Design

There is no limit "the ladder as a work of art." Emergency Stairs

Emergency Stairs

Solutions that meet the regulations emphasize the constructive characteristics of the building.
Other Achievements

Other Achievements

Not only do we carry the stairs, in this section we show some of our locksmith work.